Mecca Gifting Guide

It’s that time of year again (it creeps up on you so quickly) when the season of gifting is upon us. You need somewhere reliable that you can go online (or in store) and sort out all your present needs, both big and small, in one hit – Mecca has you covered. With an enormous […]

Being The Ultimate Girlboss

There are numerous pros, cons and assumptions for those who work for themselves or at home. To some extent there are some perks, but assuming we sleep in everyday, wear pyjamas and really “not work too hard” is the furtherest from reality. Odds are if work life looked like that everyday not much work get […]

Makeup Shelfie Beauty Essentials

The shelfie of all shelfies with all my current daily skincare and makeup essentials in my beauty cupboard. These are my go-to, must loved and new products that have been tried and tested and now on repeat. From skincare and foundation to highlighters and perfume this is everything as it stands in this shelfie – […]