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How to write an effective To Do List

some tips and tricks to create the ultimate list that won’t have you avoiding the task/s at hand. It’s also about creating the right environment and using the most effect tools for you to keep your work life in order...

Guidelines on how to write an effective To Do List

Whether you freelance, work in an office, a large organisation (or small) being able to put together an organised To Do List is your saviour for, 1. Staying sane and 2. Being as productive as you can be. With work … Read more

Christmas Gift Guide

If your are like me and have yet to get all your Christmas presents sorted, I have put together a Gift Guide that I hope will help you find some nice gifts for your loved ones. Stuck with what to … Read more

In Company With Podcasts

Podcasts have definitely made a huge impact on me recently, in both a creative way as well as being a motivational tool whilst I work. Although there are times when being in the studio you need some ‘no distraction’ time or listening to music at full blast.