Whether you are choosing to self-isolate or your workplace has enforced a 'work at home policy' its inevitable that we are all going to have to shift our desks and will be spending a lot of time at home. Now its not really a change to my everyday work life as I have worked from home for almost 13 years now, so I consider myself quite the pro. But it does come with some drastic adjustments, plus some challenges if you have a busy household, partners working at home, kids no longer at school and the endless distractions. So how do you do it, whilst staying sane!?

Set yourself a schedule.
Get up as you normally would (no sleeping in).
Get dressed. Do your makeup if that makes you feel good.
Work your normal hours as you would if you were at work. This will allow you to have a start and finish time so your not working into the night.
Creating a routine ritual is important to get you energised and motivated.

Create a workspace.
Do not work in bed (not ideal for when its actually sleep time and your brain is still on the job).
Set up a comfortable space with all your essentials. Laptop/Computer, a decent chair, headphones, notepad/notebook (preferably  The Agenda and The Black Book from Design By Aikonik, *shameless plug*).
Put some music or a podcast on, do not turn the TV on (major distraction).
Also make sure if pack up your workspace at the end of the day, shut down your computer so that you have boundaries between work time and chill out time.

Get productive.
Write down a list and set goals you want to achieve throughout the day.
Schedule meetings via phone or Facetime, touch base with colleagues so you are accountable for what you need to get done.
Turn off notifications. Unless you have an important call you should try keep your phone away so you aren't distracted.
Set some boundaries with those you live with or else you will never get anything done.
Ignore your housework. Don't get caught up with what needs to be done around the house, treat your day like you are actually at the 'office'.

Stay connected.
Whilst your phone is very tempting and distracting its also a great way to keep in touch whilst working from home. But keep the 'non work related' phone calls to a minimum.
Keep up to date with news and socials, set your timer on your phone so you don't spend hours away from the work you should be doing.
Get inspired or motivated to work by seeing what people are up to or what they are posting can get you thinking more creatively.
Because we are in a little different situation at the moment Insta Stories is a great way way of connecting with people if you work alone (we are all in the same boat!) so its a great way to watch/ listen to see what others are up to in order to break up your day.
Check in with collegues via email/or platform you use but just because you are away from your workplace doesnt mean you do it every 5 minutes.

Give yourself a break.
Go for a walk. Its important also to get up and move about every hour. When you return to your workspace with fresh eyes you will be so much more productive.
Get some fresh air, a little vitamin D can work wonders (and great for your immunity).
Make sure you take time for your morning coffee and lunch as you normally would.
Whether you work out in the morning or evening make sure this is still part of your daily routine. Any sort of physical activity, get out on your balcony or backyard and get moving. Whilst you may not get your 10,000 steps your body will thank you for it.
Give yourself a set time (or during your lunch break) to chill out, read a book, meditate and escape 'being at work'.

Hope some of this advice helps any of you who are adjusting to this new way of life (that hopefully won't be for too long). Please leave any more suggestions or tips below. We are all in this together and we need to support one another, keep each other company and stay sane!

Take care, C.

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