By aikonik | March 5, 2018

With so much make up on the market at the moment I’m here to break down a hero piece we all want, an eyeshadow palette that meets all your needs (day and night), the warm eyeshadow palettes we are all lusting over.

Inflight Essentials

By aikonik | January 9, 2018

  The key to a successful trip is getting well organised and it all starts with being well prepared with your inflight essentials. Packing only what you really need and the rest should be in your baggage. So get your checklist out and make sure you have all of the following… The Must Haves Passport … Read more

The Travel Packing Process

By aikonik | December 28, 2017

The worse part about travel, the packing process! Having travelled quite a few times I feel like I have ‘mastered’ the process of elimination.

Mecca Gifting Guide

By aikonik | November 9, 2017

It’s that time of year again (it creeps up on you so quickly) when the season of gifting is upon us. You need somewhere reliable that you can go online (or in store) and sort out all your present needs, both big and small, in one hit – Mecca has you covered.

Being The Ultimate Girlboss

By aikonik | October 29, 2017

Whether you work alone or for someone else here are my top tips for being the ultimate girlboss and getting sh*t done.

Makeup Shelfie Beauty Essentials

By aikonik | September 19, 2017

The shelfie of all shelfies with all my current daily skincare and makeup essentials in my beauty cupboard. These are my go-to, must loved and new products that have been tried and tested and now on repeat. From skincare and foundation to highlighters and perfume this is everything as it stands in this shelfie – … Read more

Storage to get any space organised

By aikonik | September 6, 2017

Keeping a tidy home can sometimes be very overwhelming especially when your work/office space is the same confines. If your lucky enough to separate the two, even with a smaller nook or even a completely different room, you want to utilise every inch of space to the best of its ability. When a work space … Read more

It’s all in the ‘basic’ details

By aikonik | August 22, 2017

As a firm believer in all things monochrome and keeping my wardrobe colour to a minimum, but it’s all in the ‘basic’ details that keep your wardrobe looking interesting.

Weekend Escape at Primus Hotel

By aikonik | July 9, 2017

Lets face it, a weekend escape is all about great food and accommodation that makes you feel like never leaving – the Primus Hotel Sydney did just that.

Day to Night with The Daily Edited

By aikonik | June 5, 2017

Choosing what to wear is the easy part in putting a look together, but finding and investing in the right bag to take you from day to night can sometimes prove a challenge. I have put my current go to outfits of choice (for day and night) paired with my favourite accessories from The Daily Edited.

Top 6 Nude Lipsticks

By aikonik | April 5, 2017

With so many amazing nude (or neutral) lipsticks available today it’s easy to become completely overwhelmed. Finding the right nude lip colour is very specific to the individual so it can become challenging to find that perfect shade. Whether it be too pink or even too “nude” its all about trail and error to find … Read more


By aikonik | November 7, 2016

I’m so obsessed and excited to see that this bedroom-inspired dressing is not going away any time soon. Before you cringe or think that you can’t pull this look off do not be fooled it’s much less scary than you would think.