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Podcasts have definitely made a huge impact on me recently, in both a creative way as well as being a motivational tool whilst I work. Although there are times when being in the studio you need some ‘no distraction’ time or listening to music at full blast. Majority of the time when in the office, I’m in the company of podcasts whist  undertaking my more monotonous work. Some podcasts are literally like having friends over who talk about anything and everything, while others I put on to learn tools of the trade, mindset strategies and the ways people have started up their businesses. So here are a few of some of my favorite podcasts (new and old) that keep me entertained and eager to achieve more and ‘be a boss’!

Lady Start Up
On of the first ‘business’ podcasts I listened to and was completely hooked from episode one. Part of the Mamamia Network this 2nd season series, the title says it call, the startup of successful ladies in business of various fields. From Showpo CEO, Jane Lu who started a multi million dollar business from her parents garage, Peta Shulman who began GoodnessMe Box within months after she was diagnosed with an auto-immume disease, to Jo Horgan who created Mecca some 20 years ago, with now over 80 stores. These women tell the stories of their start ups, their pitfalls and road blocks and how they overcame them to be successful entrepreneurs and beat the odds.

Your Creative Start
An addictive series that helps creatives get started in business. Jaharn discusses and interviews creatives and business owners about topics we all need to hear and learn. From being your own boss, getting started, dealing with creative ruts and mistakes etc. For me learning from creatives on how they started either businesses, their doubts and challenges along the way, really puts things into perspective for me as a sole business owner myself. Jaharn also points out and shares what she loves to call “wisdom bombs”, practical advice and tips to help you feel inspired and motivated in your creative business and life.

Only very new this podcast just launched in September and even though I have only listened to 2 episodes so far I can tell I’m going to love them all. Hosted by journalist and digital leader Alison Rice, the series is about real and honest conversations with the women behind Australia’s most popular Instagram accounts. Learning about these women and whats happening behind the visaed of their feeds and filters. Exactly the conversation what we all need to hear since social media clearly becoming a highlight reel of everyone’s lives.

Pardon My French
A podcast hosted by Garance Doré, (you will know her from her the New York Times best-selling book Love Style Life or career as a photographer), is a really relaxed series that shares her point-of-view on everyday topics with her guests/friends. Talking all things from being your own boss, friendship, honesty, trust and much more all along with her amazing French accent!

Really love this podcast hosted by Lady-Brains (Caitlin, Anna and Maeva), who interview inspiring entrepreneurial woman on how to be an overnight success (their theory and ‘spoiler alert’ is that the overnight success does not exist!) With guests by the likes of Alyce Tran from The Daily Edited, Gretta van Riel of Skinny Me Tea, Sarah Holloway of Matcha Maiden share their insight as to how they started their thriving businesses and also stories of set backs and mistakes made along the way. Such a great series if you want to start up your own side hustle, you never know it could one day be your full time job!

At Home With…
A podcast that has just released their second season (with a little 12 month interlude) is created by content creators (and YouTubers) Lily Pebbles and Anna Newton. Who quite literally interview their guests in the comfort of their own homes. Discussing business, success and life of the likes of founder of By Terry, Terry De Gunzburg, YouTube sensations, Zoe Sugg and Tanya Burr, Thea Green creator and founder of Nails Inc and so many more. These girls are just everyday girls who are interviewing people who have inspired them and getting to talk to the people who have created some of their favorite brands.

Second Life
Hosted by Who What Wear and MyDomaine co-founder Hillary Kerr, interviews influential women who have taken on major career changes that have occurred at different stages of their life – like having a second life. From reality TV star to entrepreneur Lauren Conrad, TV host turned YouTube star Marianna Hewitt and hairstylist Jen Atkin who has founded cult haircare line Ouai just to name a few. Their interesting stories show how they have either completely changed careers or have used their experiences to create thriving businesses of their own.

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Keeping It Candid

A weekly podcast series hosted by UK based friends (and instagrammers, who I genuinely follow myself) Millie Cotton & Sophie Milner who discuss current events, pop culture and everything #millennial. With their infectious personalities, this hilarious series of two friends chatting about everything and anything will have you giggling and agreeing on topics we are sometimes too afraid to speak up and voice.

Comment below if you have listened to any of the above podcasts or if there are any others you would love to share!

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