Investing in a leather jacket

If your thinking of buying a leather jacket, you really need to give this investment some serious thought. I have put together some of my tips of what to look for when investing in a leather jacket.

I had my previous leather jacket for many, many years and it's one of those wardrobe necessities that you need to have. But I have finally invested in a jacket (a little splurge) that I have carefully considered that I will have for a lifetime. When you find the right jacket you will think ‘how did I ever survive without it’. Worn down with denim and a basic tee or dressed up with a dress for that edgy look. There are so many different variations of jackets, but I love the simplicity of the skier style jacket, because it's a classic - you don’t want to have too many details or buckles as it will become that item of clothing that dates and is pushed into the back of your wardrobe.

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All about the Leather
Always make the type of leather the most important aspect as this can really be the make or break. With so many textures to consider - thick, soft, hard, shiny, suede, stiff or textured all are something to consider and can really determine how the jacket will wear. The jacket I bought has a subtle texture and not too thick, so it will have room to wear naturally in time. Leather will eventually soften, fade and create crease/scratches which will give the jacket that worn in character.

Should you choose colour?
Ultimately a black jacket will get you the most ‘cost-per-wear’ when it comes to choosing your leather. But if you are game enough to invest in a coloured jacket make sure it’s something you will wear on a regular basis, otherwise you might might be getting your money’s worth. If a coloured leather is what you want stick to more neutral colours like a dark navy or a deep red wine that would typically work very much like a black jacket for winter outfits.

I would always buy a jacket, any jacket really, that is lined. Ideally nothing over the top like a bright colour or print. It gives the jacket an overall classic finish and helps you to easily slip it on with ease.

The Perfect Fit
Whether to buy a cropped jacket or a longer lined jacket is ultimately personal option and what your going to get the most use out of. Depending on your body shape and how you want to style it. A cropped jacket can look great with dresses as it give a more feminine feel, whereas a longer length will work best with jeans. Choosing the right size too I always go by the shoulder alignment and also if I can do the zip up, (even if you will never wear it done up) being able to do this will allow you to layer a top or jumper underneath, rather being too snug.

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Shoulder Alignment
The perfect fit is all about aligning the shoulders perfectly. Unless you want a more oversized boyfriend style jacket make sure the shoulders don’t sit out too wide - you want to create structure. What you don’t want is the shoulders sitting too narrow, go up a size, as this will restrict movement in your arms across your back.

The Back
The back can also help decide the type of shape you want to create. Some boyfriend styles will be quite straight, while other will taper and create a more feminine shape. It’s all about choosing the fit your after, there is no right or wrong, and any details like folds in the back that will make you decide on what you want.

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To collar or not to collar?
Styles and designs of leather jackets always change year to year. But a classic collar lapel will be something that will never go out of style. If you decide on a collar detail like a drape, fur or shearling make sure it s removable or else you will be left in an outdated jacket. The no collar collar is personal preference unless you want a more mature look.

Hardware and Details
Colour of the hardware is so important when it comes to choosing your ultimate jacket. You don’t want to base your decision just on the perfect leather and be left details that clash will the rest of your accessories. Choosing silver or gold can go either way depending on your preference, but if you find a dark or black hardware your in luck! The overall details on the jacket can really make or break your decision. You don’t want too many zippers, buckles, hardware and stitching or it will become outdated. Keep it simple with the right amount of details so it's not boring. Be careful not to buy anything that creates too much bulk in the shoulder details.

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What you will wear your leather jacket with...
perfect with skinny jeans and sneakers
the ultimate layering piece
place over ladylike details
with an LBD
with denim
statement accessories
pencil skirt or dress
over winter knits
replacement to a typical blazer

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What I’m Wearing
Leather Biker Jacket - Scanlan Theodore
Abrand A Mom Jean in Fran Blue Denim - Glue Store

Get shopping...
Dion Lee Line II Leather Biker - David Jones
Leather Jacket - Witchery
Levis Strauss Moto Jacket - David Jones
Textured Biker Jacket - ASOS
Sass Biker Rose Jacket - The Iconic

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  1. Love this post.
    I also love the tips you have provided. For colors especially for guys blacks and some hues of khaki or green would work best.
    I think even the basic design is a factor. Like a bomber leather jacket verses a biker blazer cut leather jacket.
    Good stuff.
    Keep on Keeping On.


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