Westfield Doncaster hosted amazing evening last Thursday to celebrate the launch of Kirstie Clements lasted book “Impressive, How to Have a Stylish Career”. The former editor-in-chief of Vogue has put together her best tips and tricks in how to get your dream job whilst looking as stylish as possible. Impressive covers topics like being ‘Poised for Success, etiquette and ‘Modern Manners’, ‘Dress Codes’ ‘Game Changers’ and getting ‘A Very Stylish Foot in the Door’.

Clements spoke on the night of the rapidly increasing amount of fashion bloggers that has made the industry turn around that much quicker. Gone are the days of going to a fashion show and then back to the office to edit photos, only to be released a month later. Now images and content are instant, before the show has even finished due to the sheer amount of bloggers and influence of social media. She did advise those who are trying to get into this “blogger world” that you have to work that much harder and create content and imagery that is original and different to any others that exist. She also spoke of the importance of bloggers to be brands in themselves to set your self apart in order to have any chance of lasting career.

The night has definitely made me reflect on my own Instagram and content of my blog. Being a Graphic Designer I know the importance of branding and having specific image so that readers know exactly who you are.

‘Impressive’ is a must read for those wanting to get into the fashion scene or for those, like me, wanting to have a stylish career.

Thank you again to Westfield Doncaster for hosting such an ‘impressive’ event.

Flay Lay contents:
Impressive – How to Have a Stylish Career
Rockstud Flats – Valentino – Farfetch
Business card holder – Louis Vuitton
Bottega Veneta Perfume – David Jones
Bobbi Brown eye shadow – David Jones
Michael Kors Gold Watch – ShopBop
Chanel lipstick – David Jones
Earrings – Louis Vuitton


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