The Wellness Planner


The Wellness Planner downloadable will keep you organised, motivated and stay on track with your fitness goals, habits and wellness. The planners will keep you accountable whilst rewarding you for all your efforts. You’ve got this!

Consisting of x 3 different A4 designs; a Workout Planner, a Habits Planner and a Wellness Planner.

The Workout Planner – A monthly (4 week) planner to set your own unique workout schedule. To help you manage your fitness goals, daily tick boxes for your workouts and 10k step tracker, as well as setting yourself a monthly reward when you meet your goal.

The Habits Planner – A weekly planner to implement your daily habits. To create routine or change in your life the easiest way is to start small and watch your habits transform.

The Wellness Planner – A weekly chart to plan and maintain a healthy body and mind. Or simply use it to track how much sleep your getting, what your eating and gain some insight of how you are taking care of yourself.

This minimal and functional black and white design allows plenty of space to include and highlight all your important goals, habits and wellness each day. You may customise The Wellness Planner by handwriting or typing out your own dates and tasks,which will allow this planner to be reprinted every week. If you choose to hand write and you make a mistake, you can easily print it out again!

How does it work?
Once you have purchased The Wellness Planner you will receive a confirmation email, a link to download the artwork will be sent. Please remember the link is only available for 48 hours, save the PDF to your computer or device once downloaded.

NOTE: The Wellness Planner is not a physical product and will not be shipped. It is a printable/digital product only.  

Please respect these designs. Any reproduction of Design By Aikonik designs not for personal use or for sale will be infringing Australian Copyright Law.