Storage to get any space organised

Keeping a tidy home can sometimes be very overwhelming especially when your work/office space is the same confines. If your lucky enough to separate the two, even with a smaller nook or even a completely different room, you want to utilise every inch of space to the best of its ability. When a work space is cluttered at times when you are extremely busy, it may feel like your whole life is in chaos. But if the room is set up well with a good storage unit and items in their allocated place, it can make a huge difference, not only to your state of mind, but also to your productivity.

With my line of work from Graphic Design to Photography content creation (for social media) my office is one of two things. A desk space where I sit many hours editing and doing the usual 'business' tasks. Then there is the photography aspect where I need a larger empty space to set up product and flat lay shots. This is where my storage unit has been a real game changer! Before my declutting my space was full of disorganised boxes of products and props which then lead to every time I did a shoot to only create even more chaos.

When cleaning your space, section items into daily importance. Things you need on a daily basis and items not as regularly needed and can be stored away. Then there are the things you either throw away, sell or donate (if you think they are in good working condition and can be made of use by someone else).

Choosing a storage unit
In my case I needed lots of open shelving, I could place items within containers and also items to display within ease of reach. Without breaking the bank we all know IKEA have the best units that you can customise to any space, big or small. The newly designed EKET range was ideal as you can pair units of single shelves, or a set of four, which can then be stacked or lined up together. In my scenario I opted for  four-compartment units that I have three joined together and one stacked. Therefore, I could use the top of two units to create a open display shelf, perfect for all my office supplies, books and "prettier" things that don't necessarily go on my desk.

Storage to get any space organised - design by aikonik 6

To maximise the space I have and make use of all the open compartments I found clear plastic containers that fit perfectly within the units to hold... loads of makeup (the perks of the job of course!) Part of the decluttering process had me donating all the items I haven't used within the last 6 months and then organising each of the containers to categories or by brand. That way when reaching for something I need the process is ultimately time saving!

The other open spaces I have dedicated to larger items to be able to access easily and efficiently.

Storage to get any space organised- design by aikonik 3
Storage to get any space organised - design by aikonik 2

What you will need
IKEA EKET four-compartment units x 4
Clear 5L containers (available in different sizes)
Adjustable metal foot (4 pack)

So if your overwhelmed, constantly misplacing items, get sorted and start de-cluttering and get organised - your work space and state of mind will thank you for it!

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  1. I adore your set up! Funny enough, the way your shelves are set up are very similar to mine! like you, I also use my shelves for makeup storage. I don’t have those clever bins you do and I was tired of looking at my clutter so I had my hubby design some custom doors for mine. I’m just need another coat of paint and I can put them up!

    Xo, Nathalie


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