The Travel Packing Process

Argh! The worse part about travel, the packing process! Having travelled quite a few times I feel like I have ‘mastered’ the process of elimination - pulling majority of my wardrobe out and then basically culling everything that looks similar or doubled up and anything I ‘think I might wear’ (but really never will!) Then it’s all about outfit combos, what goes with what, mixing and matching, which is where keeping your wardrobe quite monochromatic comes in handy. Then footwear is eliminated down to comfort and practicability.

Luggage, the best thing is to keep it simple, compact and lightweight, which will make it easy for those travel days getting on/off flights and switching trains. Best thing about my Samsonite Lite-Cube 76cm is the fact it is only 3kg, which means I can really fill it up on the way home! Also the Samsonite Lite-Cube 55cm Spinner as carry on, which I have never done before but am excited to be not lugging an overnight bag over my shoulder. It also means my laptop and camera are well protected. These cases not only look good but are so well organised inside (shoe bags and compartments included) it makes packing an absolute breeze.

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The most exciting part of travelling for a Europe winter for me is the outerwear. I’m packing a Witchery long black coat (that will go with everything!), Sclandlan Theodore leather jacket and Rebecca Vallance Blazer.

Knits & Jumpers
Probably takes up the most room in my suitcase as I like to bring plenty of options. From cosy fleece jumpers, lightweight knits that are perfect for layering, and at least one heavier knit that I can pile layers underneath so it can become outerwear.

Obviously in winter these aren’t very good at keeping you warm, but are perfect for flight days and layering. I tend to always change before my second flight (so that I feel somewhat refreshed). So limiting the types of tees to an Assembly Label logo and foundation tee, Tommy Jeans long sleeve and Stussy crop.

I am and always will be a denim wearer at all times. When travelling I find denim to be the easiest. With a trusty old pair of Levi’s, cropped high waisted Wranglers and a basic blue denim Assembly Label pair are a must. Denim with any holes can easily be fixed with a layer of thermals underneath! Also a pair of stretchy Zara tracksuit pants are perfect for comfort on that long 24 hour flight over!

Probably the hardest decision of them all! But for Europe travel you have to pick your shoes wisely! Adidas Stan Smiths are a must for comfort and those long walking days, Black leather Tony Bianco boots and Senso ankle boots (with a little something extra) that are not only comfortable but perfect for a night out - because heels are not an option when travelling (in my opinion).

Another difficult decision to make. I always go for my Givenchy Nightingale Bag for my “carry on” handbag as it fits almost anything! I also put my Celine trio bag within my Givenchy (space saver) and  this then becomes my everyday bag as it’s nice and compact and keeps me limited to what I put inside. Nothing worse than lugging a heavy bag around all day and complaining of a sore shoulder! Plus you want “hands free” so you can keep them stuffed inside your pockets! Also my new Acne scarf and beanie additions (last minute purchase from Net a Porter) - in grey and black of course, which will be whipped out as soon as I touch down!

Once everything has been decided on it’s all about packing. If I have learnt one thing, 'rolling' is your best friend. Not only can you fit more in and see exactly what you have packed but it keeps things a little more crease free. Place underwear and socks within boots and shoes which will not only save space you can always find them.

Up next the essentials for everything you need for your inflight essentials. Stay tuned!

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