Being well prepared with travel essentials is the key to flying well. It’s all about planning and knowing what’s essential for your carry on and what just needs to go in your baggage (or not at all!).

I have put together a list of my must have items I put into my carry on.

The top essentials
Always the items that are a must on all your travels – camera, laptop/iPad, phone.

Beauty bag
If you can be bothered (which you should) to wash your face and take your makeup off when your on a flight. Keeping hydrated throughout always helps but a few necessaries to keep your skin feeling moisturised and refreshed during and after a long flight. I like to pack a lot of small sized beauty products – it’s where all those samples you get throughout the year come in handy!

– lip balm
– toothbrush
– toothpaste
– deodorant
– makeup wipes
– concealer
– hand cream
– pressed powder
– perfume

Entertaining yourself on a flight
I’m usually one to pack myself a book or a couple of magazines but they are usually left unread, so I’ve learnt not to take them! But if you do by all means pack a good read! I’m definitely one of those to take the opportunity to catch up on a tv series or new release movies. I’ve recently invested in a good pair of noise cancelling headphones. I would highly recommend getting yourself a pair as they cancel out 95% of that awful ambient noise we all hate on a plane!

A small notebook and pen is always good to have to jot down ideas or to do lists, because we all know there is no where to go on a long haul and plenty of time that we don’t usually get to sit and plan.

Getting some shut eye
Sleep is something we don’t always achieve much of on a long flight. Trying to adapt to destination time zones and avoiding terrible cases of jet lag, try and plan your sleeping hours so you can adjust to the time difference. To help block out what’s happening around you pack an eye mask, get comfy (pack a change of clothes if necessary) and get as many zzz’ s as possible!

Keeping organised
With so many things to think about and important documents, tickets, essentials etc organising your carry on is ideal. Keep you bag in “sections” by placing items in small bags or zip pouches. Invest in a travel wallet to keep your most important valuable essential, your passport, secure and together with your boarding passes.

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