Winter Workout

Just because winter is slowly setting in does mean you should throw away your gym membership or stop working out. Winter workouts are perfect to keep your body warm and of course we all know summer bodies are made in winter! As much as the cold is hard to get your butt out the door; but once in a heated gym (that's the positive!) no workout is ever a waste of time, and who can say they don’t love the endorphins!

I'm a big fan of leggings rather than shorts, and love getting my hands on unique long sleeved tops and jumpers to keep me warm whilst at the gym. The Upside collection never fails to disappoint, leggings with fun and always on trend prints. My 3 most important criteria when I look for tights is that they have a drawstring tie that keep everything in place, that they are not to be see through (even when I’m squatting!) and finally that they don’t show how much I’m sweating  - The Upside ticks all 3 boxes!

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I'm a firm believer of having a comfortable wardrobe to workout in makes you feel so much better and keeps you (even if a little bit) more motivated to get to the gym. A lot of the time I feel like I’m wearing the same outfit every session, so an update was much needed. Usually keeping it black of course, I decided to change things up with a more modest dark print for my leggings, a long sleeve top with monochrome logo print and a lightweight hoodie for those slightly warmer afternoon sessions.

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Now for the work out part - I had never stepped into a gym prior to signing up almost 5 years ago, having danced for most of my childhood and teens, only to be confronted by full time work and responsibilities, my fitness was quickly pushed aside. Being a freelance graphic designer I sit at my desk for majority of the day so I made a decision to go to the gym 5 days a week and lets just say I’ve stuck to it. When I started my fitness journey I went in without a plan and felt as if I wasn’t getting enough out of each and every workout, so I started with a personal trainer for one-on-one sessions to build up confidence and ability to use all the gym equipment and learn proper technique. Not only do I prefer to have  PT or do a class at the gym it's a great way to actually get yourself to the gym - knowing that you have a set time and place to get to.

My biggest advice if just starting out or just getting back into some exercise is start small. The last thing you want to do is risk injuring yourself because you have gone too hard too soon. Know your limits and build upon them. Gyms can initially be intimidating in the beginning, finding the right gym and environment is so important because if your going to be consistent then your going to get to know it very well! Don't let them overwhelm you, no one is judging you, most are too busy focusing on their own workout to even notice you. So focus on yourself, that what your there for, you wouldn’t want to waste all those amazing workout clothes on nothing!

Outfit all from The Upside
Deep River Yoga Pant
The Distressed Recovery
Force Long Sleeve Top

Check out The Upside for more of there new collections.

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