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Your workspace or office is one of the places you will spend most of your working week. Which is why it is so important to organise your workspace and surround yourself with inspiration so you can be motivated and at your most productive. My workspace constantly changes, but I always try to keep it as minimal as possible, yet have all the essentials at an arms reach.

The best way is to organise your workspace by separating your paperwork and all your stationery/accessories and storing them categorically so you utilise your storage to it's best. Whether your office or desk is large or small I have listed some of the ways to change up you workspace, keeping it stylish yet always functional.

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To have a workspace that's inspiring and that keeps you motivated is key. Whether it be a bunch of fresh flowers or a favourite framed print or quote, choose items that will compliment your overall space and style. Have your essential items close to you and surround yourself with inspiration that's both stimulating and aesthetically pleasing.

Invest in clever storage systems, trays or boxes that will hide away all your paperwork, yet still compliment your space. There are so many amazing desk accessories available that have great ways of displaying your favourite items and hiding all those unwanted, yet very necessary, items (like headphone, usbs, camera cords etc.).

If you can, store your files and document ‘in the cloud’ or backed up on a hard drive, and discard the hard copies. This will save a lot of physical space and give you more flexibility to utilise your desk space.

If your short on space on your desk or office make use of every area and file away important paperwork in organised folders or boxes, but make sure they are clearly labeled. I always say 'if there is a place for it, you will put it away', otherwise it just creates an unwanted cluttered pile. Whatever the system you use to file documents (same goes for on your computer or hard drive), stick to it and you will never have an item out of place.

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Find creative and space saving ways of displaying your favourite items. Stack magazines, create height on your desk to show off your key possessions. Place pens and stationery close by in cups, mugs, or even empty candles. Invest in a good diary or notebook to jot down quick notes and reminders (I use my notebook as a mouse pad to be extra efficient!)

Place a few items like a candle, perfume, marble tray that will give your space a little personal touch. Fresh flowers or some greenery are great ways of brightening and creating a new look to your desk very quickly.

Rearranging and changing  items occasionally will keep your space feeling new and a more creative and a positive place to be in.

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To add a items that will inspire you or frame your favourite quote or photograph for consistent motivation. Build on these with different size frames, hang them on the wall, or layer them beside one another against a wall. Create a mood board (make a DIY pin board) of things that interest you - posters, postcards, clippings from magazines - these are all temporary and can be changed very easily to change up the feel of your desk.

Get into the routine at the end of a working day to discard any rubbish, nothing worse than coming back to an untidy (or even chaotic) workspace. By no means will it be pristine all the time, because sometimes a little mess can be a productive one, but if you immediately get rid of the unnecessary by the end of the day it's not so bad. I always commit to doing a big clean at the end of the working week so that come Monday morning I'm ready to start again fresh.

Items featured on my desk:
Notebook - Kikki K
Diary - The Daily Edited
Gold Scissors - Kikki K
Clock - Salt and Pepper
Mug - Salt and Pepper
Candle - The Cool Hunter x Atelier Lumira
In Vogue - Book Depository
Desk Accessories - Pen Holder, Marble Plate, Storage boxes and Vase - Country Road

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  1. Your accessories and your touches of personality make your workspace so beautiful! I already feel so inspired just looking at it – plus i love that a book serves as your stand for your computer screen!



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