Packing for a Weekend Away

Packing for a weekend getaway is very difficult when all you want to do is pack your entire wardrobe for those spur of the moment outings. Yet you want to be well prepared for comfort as well as unexpected weather. I'm usually a very organised person, hence the OCD flat lay above, but there is always that last minute scurry to pack those one or two items that, well, you probably could have done without. But when your headed to just one destination (in my case, Sydney) and you know the weather forecast (possible and definite showers!) there are  go-to essentials that will have all your dressing requirements solved.

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If you have no idea what you are going to wear day by day, planing your outfits can be a little overwhelming. Plus ,who wants to awkwardly lug around a huge suitcase of unnecessary clothes when your only gone for a few days. You need items that you can mix and match, worn casually as well as  dressed up. Here are my (very basic) essential items to get you through you next getaway.

Dress for Comfort
Denim jeans are your answer. A skinny black pair and a boyfriend cut gives multiple outfit options when selected with a basic tee or more structured top.

Whether it be a blazer, denim, or leather. Not only for warmth, a jacket can change an entire outfit. For me a leather jacket is a no brainer. Airport chic, worn with boyfriend jeans across your shoulders, or that perfect accessory to vamp up a night outfit. 

I could take a million shoe options, but really, we have to be sensible. A pair of white sneakers for daytime and a good pair of leather boots for night.

Bring along a selection of tee’s in black, white and grey to mix and match with denim options. Not only basic tees, but a couple of more structured tops or shirts that can take any day outfit instantly to night.

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Ok. Maybe one of the hardest decisions and trying to cull the amount of makeup you take is difficult. For skincare, I always opt to take those very convenient samples that are the perfect size and quantity for a weekend getaway - cleanser, toner, moisturiser and eye cream sorted! With cosmetics, pack the essentials - foundation, concealer, powder, highlighter, mascara, lipstick and ONE eye shadow palette that will give you options to bring a soft daytime eye into something a little more dramatic.

Take a mid size handbag that you can cart around essentials like your camera, sunglasses, wallet etc. I always like to put a small bag or clutch inside that you can whip out for a night out.

Because that early morning airport struggle wouldn't be right without a pair of sunglasses. Take a classic pair that will work with everything.

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