How to get your hands on Kylie Cosmetics

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OK, so I am officially on the bandwagon and a total fan of Kylie Cosmetics, but what you would like to know is ... How to get your hands on Kylie Cosmetics!?

I have done 2 orders separately and both times very successfully. The hype that is created in the lead up to a restock is 'literally' crazy. These products are so difficult to get your hands on, with Kylie restocking every week it seems like they sell out with minutes every time. By no means is the process of a purchase anything but casual, you need to be prepared, get on the site when it's live immediately, put everything in your cart and get out of there! Kylie has fixed some glitches since the launch of her lip kits, now when you check out you go in a queue and nervously await to see whether you have been successful or not. It has been known to place products in your cart and can sell out before you even get to payment.

So, I have put together some of my best tips for getting your hands on Kylie Cosmetics. Because of the shear demand the site can almost immediately fault and slow down but don't be deterred - I promise it's totally worth it!

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Know exactly the day and time Kylie is going to restock. 
If your a big fan I would recommend to download the Kylie app (from iTunes), she announces this first on her app every week so you will be first to know. But there is also the @KylieCosmetics Instagram and plently of other accounts that will definitely spread the news just as fast. 

Know the timezone difference.
Convert to LA time. Being in Australia has it's disadvantage if the restock is in the afternoon LA time its usually the following day around 5 -6am.  

Be online before the site goes live.
Before every restock the site is closed. So best thing to do is have the exact LA time (I usually just pull another window up), ideally with a seconds counter. So you can instantly refresh your page when the site goes live and products are available to purchase.

Open a couple of browsers. 
I found with my last purchase now with the new "queue system" that I was waiting for 20 minutes with my browser still whirling. So I opened another browser selected the same order and it went through before the first order! Weird, but it worked! Having a second (or third if your keen) browser means that you can have one constantly open, whilst the other you can keep refreshing in case a spot in the queue becomes available or if by unfortunate events of your browsers stops working. You can't wake up before sunrise and it not be worth it!

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Get familiar with all the products and site before the relaunch. 
Once the site is live you have no time for browsing and you will be disappointed if your hunting for the product because you didn't do your research. Know exactly what shades you want, quantity and location on the site. It will make the very quick process a little less stressful. 

Have all your payment details ready to go.
Be sure to work quickly, just because you have product in your cart doesn't mean its yours until you have paid for it. So do this as quick as possible. I had AutoFill done before I got on the site, you can set this up through your browser prior (Google it!). It will take the hassle out of typing your name, address details and you can also set up your credit card details to be entered automatically - just be sure to triple check before you submit your order.

Be on a mission, be quick!
To be successful the idea is to get on as quickly as possible, if your a few minutes late your risking your chance of getting everything you want. The more people that enter the site the harder it becomes. So get in, select your items, pay and get out of there! The first time I got my lip kits I missed out on the 4th item, but successfully got three without much hassle. The glosses, even though I thought I was quick, I couldn't get my hands on the set of all three. So that second browser came in handy when I did the exact order again with 2 glosses (1 had already sold out) but it went through fine. Be aware you might not get everything you want but you still have to decide on the spot if your happy to still go through with maybe one item less. There have been some mixed reviews with the Kylie Cosmetics site, but both times considering the amount of people online, I have been successful you just have to be persistent! 

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All of my orders worked without a glitch, I received a confirmation email and both arrived within a week of placing the order. As the proud owner of now 3 Lip Kits (Dolce K, Koko K and Candy K) and 2 Glosses (Literally and So Cute) I have been really happy with all the colours and formulas of each (apart from the very strong vanilla scent - but you get used to it).

Hope some of these tips can help you on your next purchase (When? We have no idea!?) of Kylie’s Lip Kits, Glosses and Mattes.

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